Monitor News, Media, Publishing & Events Using Artificial Intelligence!

Content Analytics in the 21st Century

In the age of digital content, today’s news and media changes at the speed of light. The challenge for organizations is understanding complex markets in real-time, MediaWatch delivers targeted and strategic information that guides critical decisions.

Media watch provides the most affordable, versatile, and comprehensive media monitoring and publishing solution available anywhere in the world.

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Use Cases:


Monitor Customer & Competitive Trends

Discover deeper news and media insights, including on your competitors, that will inform your organization’s PR and content strategy and tactics.


Track the Health & Reputation of Your Brand

How does your brand fit within the media landscape? Monitor your organization online to understand and measure your brand visibility in news, media and all digital content.


Create Authentic & Personalized Content

An extensive media repository complements our technology to produce rich media and content, leading to stronger subscriber engagement and retention.


Follow Issues Critical to Your Organization

What’s changing in the dialogue and who’s driving that change? Advocacy and issue awareness is key to monitoring critical market issues and changes. MediaWatch enables you to track news, media, and digital outlets in real-time so you can be up to date on the latest media developments and make critical advocacy decisions.

Product Levels:

With four product levels, we can tailor to the needs of organizations small and large.


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