Contexture is applying machine learning, natural language processing and AI to a range of industries and critical business challenges in search, content analytics and business intelligence. Below are examples of how Contexture is being applied in specific situations to bring tremendous value to Customers both small and large!

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  Legislation, Regulation, Advocacy and Government Affairs

Contexture Bill Watch – Policy Monitoring Solution

Maintaining a pulse on the constant changes of policy, legislation and regulation at the Federal and State level is a huge challenge.  Contexture’s Bill Watch provides the most specific and personalized Bill Watch Monitoring Solution available to all industry stakeholders, with the 2017 – 2018 legislative session representing over 240,000 bills alone.  Bill Watch is the right solution for you –

Associations/Non-Profits – Quickly understand changes and their impact on the enterprise, drive your agenda at all levels of the market

Corporation – Quickly understand changes and their impact on the enterprise, drive your agenda at all levels of the market

Government Agency/Think Tank – Stay abreast of all changes impacting Federal and State policy and politics

Lobbyist/Consultant/Advisor – Add value to your clients, keeping them up to date and advising on their strategy to make an impact

Law Firm Library – Set your firm apart in the market as an expert on the issues that are most important to your clients, keep everyone up to date and increasingly drive value

Contexture uses natural language processing and machine learning with specific industry dictionaries to provide you with just the specific bills that you need that surround the issues that are most important to you!

User profiles and interaction with bill content drive specific recommendations of just the bills you need. No searching, no key words or 300 word long Boolean statements…just select the dictionary of your choice or initiate a search and start working with the bills you need to be aware of!

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 Media and Entertainment

The media, entertainment and publishing industries across the world are under increasing pressure to transform themselves into digital media businesses. Progress has been made in terms of both content platforms i.e. the move from purely print to an integrated digital experience including audio and video features. The technology used to gather and distribute this content is now including the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to collect, curate, enrich and analyze content to best personalize and drive it’s delivery.

For many content and media companies the assumption has been that these technologies are complex and expensive and are the realm of the larger media platforms only like Washington Post, New York Times, Bloomberg, Lexis Nexis, etc. With Contexture this is no longer the case….

Contexture enables publishing and media companies to integrate and make accessible all of their content to new subscribers, business models and partnerships using our semantic search, integrated content classification, recommendation engines and user profiling. Some recent use cases in this market –

  • Assisting a decades old specialized publishing business to ingest, index and expose their niche market content to personalized semantic search for users. This enables the business to better serve their subscribers through fast and specific search, providing responses of just the information that they desperately need. This is a major pain point for both the company and their portfolio of tens of thousands of subscribers, who frequently complain about getting generic search results that don’t answer their key questions or provide relevant information.  This is the number one complaint of media and content users!
  • Contexture engaged with a new content company with a unique value proposition in distributing media and entertainment content in new innovative micro-segments. The value proposition of these short video clips is to help business and creative leaders to communicate important themes and motivate their advocacy stakeholders, associate and employees with short video clips that will reinforce the chosen themes. The company classifies and analyzes the huge library of clips manually, taking substantial investment to categorize and identify the content clips by category. We can exponentially improve their efficiency, effectiveness and time to value by using Contexture to identify and classify the content and then personalize subscriber searches and profiles by indexing the content for semantic analysis.
  • A policy analysis and content company was seeking solutions to both providing improved content searches and results for their clients and internal teams, but also needed new tools to better enable fundamental policy research and content extraction. Contexture’s recommendation engine and proprietary extraction tools were able to fundamentally change the company’s business model from content aggregator and editorial platform to market leading policy analysis and insights advisory business.

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The education technology (“EdTech”) market has been evolving for many years, with the digital transformations of the global publishing houses that have traditionally provided text books and learning content – to the rise of MOOC’s (massively open online courses) seeking the liberalization and democratization of learning and education.  EdTech is now also pursuing various forms of artificial intelligence to analyze student behavior and to optimize, enhance and personalize the learning experience to substantively improve learning and teaching results.

  • Contexture is assisting EdTech and traditional education companies with ingesting, curating and classifying their content to match the investments being made into learning systems. Personalization is emphasized not just through the learning vehicles and delivery capabilities from the core EdTech system but also through the indexed and semantically charged education content and information.  This allows individual curriculums to be designed and implemented on the fly by teachers and students alike. Multiple content asset types such as audio, video and text content can be integrated through Contexture and exposed to the learning process to allow all of these content types to impact the learning experience and amplify the benefits of EdTech platforms.

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 Legal Solutions and Services and eDiscovery

The delivery of legal advice and related services and solutions is dynamically changing globally. Traditional law firms, particularly in the United States AmLaw 200, are being marginalized by both new legal outsourcing and services providers and the clients that they serve, which are increasingly represented by the chief general counsel of the Fortune 500. It is an imperative for legal providers – law firms, advisory firms and consultants, regulatory and compliance experts, to embrace the potential that innovative and disruptive tools and technologies around machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence represent.

  • Document discovery and investigation has been the leading focus for the implementation of text analytics and natural language processing within the legal services industry. There are internal and external solutions that have been implemented to help teams of attorneys to interrogate huge amounts of discoverable evidence and to support their client engagements. While these projects have been compelling in the benefits of the simple use of machine learning and NLP – Contexture is driving exponential change through the use of our proprietary recommendation engine and industry ontologies to more accurately and with great recall capture the particular documents that are important to the discovery exercise.
  • Contexture is also able to assist legal firm law librarians with research projects, continuous monitoring of case law, legislation and regulation to support legal teams and the indexing and semantic search of law firm content to support greater efficiencies in client project deliverables.  Contexture’s Bill Watch Monitoring Service compliments your existing legal resources.

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  Enterprise Semantic Search & Analytics

Enterprise information and content without understanding what’s there and easy access is worthless. Enterprise search is how your organization helps people seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company – in repositories, document management systems, on paper, wherever. Getting the right information at the right time.

Most importantly, users expect and need to be able to get just the information and results that are highly relevant to them. While this is not a small task, Contexture makes enterprise searching much easier to do. Your customized dictionaries, classifications and user interactions mean it’s more than just typing something into a search box and getting a result. Your employees need to determine the things about a topic that are critical to getting their job done and getting it done right.  You don’t want them searching aimlessly through corporate digital hallways, not knowing what they are looking for, and simply browsing as if they are discovering new horizons.

Contexture’s Enterprise Semantic Search and Analytics solutions provide the efficiency and effectiveness that corporations need to drive performance improvement and insights.

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