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Who is behind Contexture and what Contexture does.

“The Contexture Difference"

Contexture was formed to bring together cutting edge technology in natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to add value to our customers through greater insight and understanding of the unstructured content that impacts their business.

Where Contexture is driving innovation:

No More Searching

Contexture’s roadmap is pushing the envelope for content analytics to web 3.0 – the semantic web. Our proprietary interface allows our customers to create rich personal profiles & topic preferences versus simple keywords or Boolean searches, that continually persists the information they specifically need. Our proprietary recommendation engine continually and dynamically presents information and content that is on target to each user’s interests. Contexture implements broader industry ontologies/dictionaries in addition to user-defined terms/concepts and categories. Through this, Contexture has built text mining technology that will identify, extract and curate the information being targeted in the content repositories of choice.


Integration to All Information Sources

Contexture is industry and content agnostic. Our platform curates, indexes and maps to any forms of content including text, audio, and video extracts, whether they are from open source or pay-wall media and publishing to proprietary corporate repositories or Contexture’s own legislative and policy content or media feeds. By applying our indexing and concept mapping, semantic analytics, recommendation engine machine learning and clustering, we continuously identify changing and new information extracts that are important to our customers across federal, state and local markets.

Dynamic and Cutting Edge Data Visualizations

Our results are visualized in our waveform and fingerprint visuals, our key indicator reports and maps, timely customer alerts and updates and custom integration to client dashboards, databases, content repositories and user analytics/communications tools.


Meet The Team


Pete Fitzsimmons

Founder & CEO
Pete is a successful technology and financial services executive with extensive executive management, sales, technology, operations and finance experience in the banking and SAAS technology markets. In the capacities as a chief executive and financial officer and senior advisor, he has led and developed teams across a diverse range of companies in the technology and financial services verticals. Pete has an undergraduate degree from Sydney University in Economics and is a Chartered Accountant.

Craig Lovell

Founder & CTO
Mr. Lovell is a software architect and computer scientist with over 20 years of experience designing and building mission-critical information systems in the financial, biotech, and intelligence industries. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Software Architecture. Craig holds a BS and MS in Logic and Computation from Carnegie Mellon University.

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