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Bill Watch Product Updates & Release Notes v1.2!

Contexture today announced the release of Bill Watch version 1.2 with significant feature updates and enhancements and new Product Levels to further meet the expanding needs of government affairs professionals, public policy advisors and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Some key new features include -

  • Main User Client Dashboard with key summary information;
  • US and Canada state and provincial maps that can be embedded in client or hosted websites;
  • Certain US and Canada Regulation and Legislation; and
  • New content delivery options for clients including email alerts and RSS feeds to expand the variety of communications to users and stakeholders.

Bill Watch also now has 4 Product levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Enterprise...representing the most affordable and comprehensive policy content and analytics for government affairs and policy analysts available.  Product prices start as low as $750 annual for all 50 states coverage of single policy issue areas.

See our v1.2 Product Updates & Release Notes sheet for further details and insights.

Also check out the Bill Watch RSS Feed page for industry examples and the interactive US map for easy presentation and navigation of bills and regulations.

Bill Watch Product Release 1.2 Feature announcement 1-12-19

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• Struggling with large volumes of content!  Reveal valuable insights and analyze policy and regulatory documents using natural language processing and machine learning to read content from all  content sources from inside and outside your organization
• Guide members, users and employees to find specifically the information they want, and remove the frustration of not getting the answers they need quickly.
• Understand new industry developments, updated compliance with key regulations and new legislative proposals as they happen.
• Transform enterprise processes and rededicate resources by improving efficiency, organizational effectiveness and manage risk through Contexture's Bill Watch and Media Watch Products.

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