Contexture's NEW BillWATCH AI Tune-Up


Contexture is making this self-assessment tool for legislative tracking as a complementary service for a limited period of time as part of our continuing enhancements to BillWatch, our proprietary legislative and regulatory analysis platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to make researching and analyzing policy content easier and more affordable.

Using keyword search is time consuming and often frustrating….we want to show you how easy it is to us AI to get much better results that will reduce your risk of missing important bills and make you and your legislative team more efficient!

Our AI technology use a branch of artificial intelligence in machine learning and natural language processing to evaluate the constant stream of new and changing bills that come from Federal, State and Local sources.

Using our AI technology and this self-assessment AI Tune Up, you will be able to see how keyword search may be increasing your policy risk and/or making your policy research very inefficient… we can show you what bills you may be missing or not getting to timely, the bills you may be researching that aren’t on topic at all for you and how AI can do all of this work for you.  

After you submit just a few bills to the AI technology, we will generate a comprehensive report that will rank how you’re doing in researching and managing your industry topics, along with recommendations on how you can do better!

BillWATCH AI Tune-Up

Delivers Personalized Results & Value to You & Your Stakeholders

Users take the assessment and are immediately sent their personalized AI Tune-Up Report.

  • Receive instant insights into the challenges & shortcomings of keywords vs AI
  • Receive personalized recommendations for your profile
  • Enhances your credibility as a trusted advisor internally
  • Substantial value and insights with the opportunity to learn more

The process is simple and intuitive – here’s how it works:

Tell us a little bit about what you’re focused on so we can get you started with the BillWatch AI Tune-Up

Either download or complete our AI Tune-Up submission template online with the bills you’re tracking now and some keywords that describe your topic

Click Submit to upload this information to the AI Tune-Up….which will score and assess your profile by comparing a typical keyword search results to the AI Tune-Up results from BillWatch

Sit back for a few seconds while your complementary AI Tune-Up report is generated for you to get your profile score!

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