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To maintain a competitive edge, businesses must understand the constant changes in media, regulation, content and legislation that will impact their business — and then adapt quickly.

Contexture's solution saves time and money by not having to sift through volumes of complex content, and ensures that customers maintain a complete picture of all the complex issues that are impacting their business.

Contexture’s technology is a machine learning system that combines semantic search, proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and advanced analytics to enable the efficient comparison and assessment of existing and new information and content that are critical to business.


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Practical Applications | Contexture Solutions

Below are examples of how Contexture is being applied in specific industries to bring tremendous value to Customers both small and large!

Legislation & Policy
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Legislation, Policy, Advocacy and Government Affairs

Maintaining a pulse on the constant changes of policy, legislation and regulation at the Federal and State level is a huge challenge.  Contexture’s Bill Watch provides the most specific and personalized Bill Watch Monitoring Solution available to all industry stakeholders, with the 2017 – 2018 legislative session representing over 240,000 bills alone.  Bill Watch is the right solution for you – Contexture uses natural language processing and machine learning with specific industry dictionaries to provide you with just the specific bills that you need that surround the issues that are most important to you!

Media & Entertainment
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Media and Entertainment

The media, entertainment and publishing industries across the world are under increasing pressure to transform themselves into digital media businesses. The technology used to gather and distribute this digital content is now including the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to collect, curate, enrich and analyze content to best personalize and drive its delivery. Contexture enables publishing and media companies to integrate and make accessible all of their content to new subscribers, business models and partnerships using our semantic search, integrated content classification, recommendation engines and user profiling.

Legal Solutions
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Legal Solutions and Services and eDiscovery

The delivery of legal advice and related services and solutions is dynamically changing globally. It is imperative for legal providers – law firms, advisory firms and consultants, regulatory and compliance experts, to embrace the potential that innovative and disruptive tools and technologies around machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence represent. Contexture is driving exponential change through the use of our proprietary recommendation engine and industry ontologies to more accurately and with great recall capture the particular documents that are important to the discovery exercise.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Semantic Search & Analytics

Enterprise information and content without context and easy access is worthless. Enterprise search is how your organization helps people seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company – in repositories, document management systems, on paper, wherever; getting the right information at the right time. While this is not a small task, Contexture makes enterprise searching much easier to do. Your customized dictionaries, classifications, and user interactions are too complex to simply type something into a search box and get a result. Contexture’s Enterprise Semantic Search and Analytics solutions provide the efficiency and effectiveness that corporations need to drive performance improvement and insights.

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The education technology (“EdTech”) market has been evolving for many years, with the digital transformations of the global publishing houses that have traditionally provided textbooks and learning content – to the rise of MOOC’s (massively open online courses) seeking the liberalization and democratization of learning and education.  EdTech is now also pursuing various forms of artificial intelligence to analyze student behavior and to optimize, enhance and personalize the learning experience to substantively improve learning and teaching results. Contexture is assisting EdTech and traditional education companies with ingesting, curating and classifying their content to match the investments being made into learning systems.

Product Architecture & Features

Contexture’s differentiated technology incorporates the fields of Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence. Simple keyword and phrase searches are not sophisticated enough in today’s high volume, unstructured data world. Contexture leverages domain knowledge through industry-specific ontologies to boost the performance of its machine learning algorithms and deliver results with pinpoint accuracy.


Advanced Text Analytics

Automate time-consuming manual processes

  • Policy and Regulation Coverage - Compare internal policies against regulatory documents to quantitatively measure topic alignment and coverage — not just at the document level, but within individual passages.
  • Legal Clause Matching - Find complex legal or policy passages buried within larger documents that are contextually similar to an example passage.
  • Document Similarity Scoring - Measure overlap, redundancy and topic similarity between documents.
  • Regulatory Response Generation - Streamline regulatory response generation by leveraging past responses and finding the best historical response.

Visualization Engine

View and manipulate interactive graphics that summarize and illuminate the complexity of huge document repositories

  • Similarity Analysis - View an interactive matrix of document-to-document similarity scores. Sort axes by cluster or metadata attributes to highlight hidden patterns across documents.
  • Topic Modeling - Explore a hierarchical topic model of your entire repository. Drill to the document level.
  • Visual Passage Scoring - View topic “waveforms” in line with a single document, enabling a birds-eye view of document topics. Immediately identify and jump to passages of interest.

Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

  • Clustering - Automatically group documents by topic.
  • Recommendation Engine - Learn personalized interest profiles enabling notifications of new content relevant to each user.
  • Fuzzy Target Passage Identification - Search not just for keyword occurrences, but entire passages of text within a larger document that are contextually similar to a sample passage.

Full-Text Indexing & Concept-Based Search

  • Conceptual Search - Search for complex concepts and entities that could have varying synonyms, aliases or spellings.
  • Semantic Network - Improves precision and recall by recognizing synonyms in the index and search terms.
  • Sentence Detection - Automatically detects sentence boundaries, leading to more logical identification of search hits and passage boundaries.

Domain Ontologies

  • Custom Domain Knowledge - Create a lexicon of key concepts and terms and their relationships to embed domain knowledge into the system.
  • Category Management - Apply custom concept categories to enable topic modeling and drill-down.


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