Content Analytics in the 21st Century

To maintain a competitive edge, business must understand the constant changes in media, regulation, content and legislation that will impact their business - and then adapt quickly.

Contexture's technology is a machine learning system that combines semantic search, proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and advanced analytics to enable the efficient comparison and assessment of existing and new information and content are critical to business.


Contexture's Solution

Contexture saves time and money by not having to sift through volumes of complex content, and ensures that customers maintain a complete picture of all the complex issues that are impacting their business.


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Product Features

Contexture's technology integrates semantic search, machine learning, proprietary algorithms and compelling visualization.


See our Resources for more information on -

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning and
  • Artificial Intelligence

And best practices for implementing these technologies in managing content challenges!

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Contexture Corporate Overview

Contextre Product Guide

For Industry specific use cases see our Customers for further information on applying Contexture’s Solution to tough business issues in Media & Entertainment, Policy & Legislative Affairs and Advocacy (Bill Watch Monitoring Solution), Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy and more!


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