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Enterprise information and content without understanding what’s there and easy access is worthless. Enterprise search is how your organization helps people seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company – in repositories, document management systems, on paper, wherever; getting the right information at the right time.

Contexture’s Enterprise Semantic Search and Analytics solutions provide the efficiency and effectiveness that corporations need to drive performance improvement and insights.

What can

Enterprise Search

Do For Your Organization?


Provide Highly Relevant Content

Users expect and need to be able to get just the information and results that are relevant to them. Contexture makes enterprise searching much easier to do.


Save Time & Money

Contexture's cutting edge technology keeps you from wasting time manually scanning documents and analyzing their information with limited capabilities.


Customize Categories for Efficiency

Taxonomies are selected & customized to meet your users' needs quickly and easily; whether the user is your customers searching for what they need or your employees looking for critical information to do their job right.


Analytics That Provide Insight

Recommendations and text analytics produce new and specific user results quickly and easily; hidden patterns are revealed. This kind of efficient and effective analysis is something that corporations need to drive performance improvement and insights.

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