Why Businesses Should Use Media Intelligence

October 23, 2019

Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, a figure that’s only increasing. To make informed decisions, organizations must invest in technologies that allow them to analyze this data effectively. With such large amounts of data involved, traditional manual techniques are no longer viable if we want to capture even the smallest percentage of this information. This is why organizations are turning to AI-driven media monitoring and media intelligence. There’s still confusion and uncertainty about what exactly AI technology is, what it can do, and how it can impact business strategies.

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Maximize Engagement with Subscribers without Losing the Human Touch

October 14, 2019
maximise marketing initiatives in AI

There’s a lot of discussion around the use of AI to automate every task humanly possible, and dystopian visions of massive unemployment as the robots take over is spreading through the ether. The facts are that “there is no true silver bullet” and understanding and using technology to enable better results and experiences is critical but the human element is equally critical.

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Why Unstructured Data is Big for Business

September 30, 2019
Unstructured Data

The rise of big data has propelled new conversations around how we source, organize and analyze information. With advances in natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, organizations are now able to apply computational power to process large amounts of unstructured data, something that was previously beyond our capabilities.

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The Uphill Battle of Keeping Local News Afloat

September 24, 2019

When the Greenwood, SC newspaper Index-Journal reported on a complaint that Dairy Queen was apparently serving up human meat in its burgers, they weren’t expecting to go viral. Unsurprisingly, the complaint was revealed to be baseless. But the story captured the imaginations of the online world – being shared widely across social media before ultimately being covered by the Washington Post.

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