Why Unstructured Data is Big for Business

September 30, 2019
Unstructured Data

The rise of big data has propelled new conversations around how we source, organize and analyze information. With advances in natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, organizations are now able to apply computational power to process large amounts of unstructured data, something that was previously beyond our capabilities.

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The Uphill Battle of Keeping Local News Afloat

September 24, 2019

When the Greenwood, SC newspaper Index-Journal reported on a complaint that Dairy Queen was apparently serving up human meat in its burgers, they weren’t expecting to go viral. Unsurprisingly, the complaint was revealed to be baseless. But the story captured the imaginations of the online world – being shared widely across social media before ultimately being covered by the Washington Post.

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The Problem with Keywords – Fake News and the Dilemma of Curated Content

September 12, 2019

Recent hiccups at the Department of Justice illustrate how keywords aren’t enough – they don’t adequately capture the context of a document or piece of information. This makes identifying and capturing the content you want increasingly complex in the “world of fake news.”

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Contexture Launches Mediawatch: A Real-Time, AI-Driven News and Content Monitoring, Creation and Analysis Tool

August 19, 2019

VA-based technology company Contexture has launched a powerful AI media monitoring and analysis tool to help public relations and communications teams with a focus on digital media, publishing and information services to strategically monitor, analyze, create and respond to news, media and social content.

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