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Why Businesses Should Use Media Intelligence

Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, a figure that’s only increasing. To make ...
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Maximize Engagement with Subscribers without Losing the Human Touch

There’s a lot of discussion around the use of AI to automate every task humanly ...
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Why Unstructured Data is Big for Business

The rise of big data has propelled new conversations around how we source, organize and ...
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The Uphill Battle of Keeping Local News Afloat

When the Greenwood, SC newspaper Index-Journal reported on a complaint that Dairy Queen was apparently serving up ...
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The Problem with Keywords – Fake News and the Dilemma of Curated Content

Search engine platforms and content aggregators have us all well trained in using keywords and ...
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Contexture Launches Mediawatch: A Real-Time, AI-Driven News and Content Monitoring, Creation and Analysis Tool

VA-based technology company Contexture has launched a powerful AI media monitoring and analysis tool to ...
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