Contexture Launches Mediawatch: A Real-Time, AI-Driven News and Content Monitoring, Creation and Analysis Tool

VA-based technology company Contexture has launched a powerful AI media monitoring and analysis tool to help public relations and communications teams with a focus on digital media, publishing and information services to strategically monitor, analyze, create and respond to news, media and social content.

Underpinned by sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) technology, Mediawatch automatically scours the ever-expanding media landscape for relevant trends, mentions, opportunities and potential brand threats in real-time, providing valuable, actionable insights to employees, decision-makers and key stakeholders.  

Created by the team behind Billwatch, a legislative and regulatory monitoring tool  tracking some 400,000 Federal and State bills and regulations, Mediawatch is an agile and affordable solution that empowers the digital media business to:

  • Monitor customer and industry trends to inform PR, content and business development strategy. 
  • Track brand health and reputation to craft high-visibility brand campaigns or proactively respond to critical incidents or opportunities.
  • Develop rich, personalized media content to drive subscriber engagement and retention.
  • Follow critical market developments to stay ahead of media shifts and speak as an informed thought leader.
  • Develop and re-purpose content and creative media across multiple delivery points.

Leveraging the combined value of NLP, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Mediawatch makes processing and managing content-driven data simple and seamless, driving innovation by:

  • Automating search via a proprietary, continuously learning conceptual recommendation engine that presents targeted information and content on an ever-refreshing basis.
  • Integrating information sources using a content-agnostic platform capable of parsing text, audio and video from both open source and paywalled media.
  • Intuitively visualizing data with dynamic and interactive maps, topic visuals, analysis tools such as waveform and fingerprint graphing and integration to client dashboards, websites, newsletters and communication platforms.

Mediawatch can be tailored to suit the needs of any organization across any vertical or industry. Its simple, intuitive design is ideal for companies handling large amounts of digital content but without in-house AI expertise, positioning them for increased profitability and long-term growth.   

Contexture CEO, Pete Fitzsimmons, has some further insight on the focus for this innovative use of their cutting edge tools, “We’re excited to announce our Mediawatch solution for organizations of all sizes to finally be able to access content technology and solutions that to date have only been available to large enterprises. Our customers are tremendously excited about the impact Mediawatch is bringing with big corporate capabilities to the mid and lower-end markets. It’s the first affordable, effective and easily implementable digital media and content analytics and publishing platform.”

The most versatile and comprehensive media monitoring tool available, Mediawatch dramatically increases brands’ capacity to stay on top of the world’s information – and to extend the lifecycle of their digital content.  

Available at four product levels to meet the needs of organizations of varying sizes, Mediawatch can be trialed here.

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