Contexture Launches Billwatch – A Monitoring Service Using Machine Learning

Contexture launches most affordable and groundbreaking legislative monitoring service – Billwatch, using artificial intelligence covering all 50 states and the Federal government.

Contexture has launched its groundbreaking Billwatch monitoring service to finally deliver to public relations experts, compliance and legislative analysts, government affairs directors and policy advocacy groups what they’ve been dreaming of – an intuitive, inexpensive and highly accurate legislation monitoring service.

The lack of affordable and effective information services for the policy and government affairs markets has been the number one complaint for policy advocates for decades. Existing solutions from information services such as “Lexis Nexis, Bloomberg, CQ Roll Call/Fiscal Note, Quorum and others are both extremely expensive and don’t perform in providing clients with just the specific information that they are looking for…” said an Executive Director of a leading Washington policy think tank.

Contexture’s state of the art platform is built upon natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and artificial intelligence, innovative technologies that are disrupting all industry verticals globally. Combining this technology with up to the hour information on policy and legislative developments across the country allows Contexture to provide highly targeting monitoring and search results for customers at price points that even the smallest institutions can afford.

“We’ve spoken to practitioners and subject matter experts from across the country in all aspects of the legislative, compliance and policy market, consistently they are overwhelmed with the volume of new bills and regulation that are being introduced and frustrated with the expensive and substandard monitoring services currently being offered…” said Contexture CEO and founder Pete Fitzsimmons.

The use of AI and NLP is clearly being recognized as the next wave in the information revolution – “AI presents a very real opportunity for extensive and scalable augmentation of the compliance professional’s role. By that I mean we can expect to see AI continue to provide better, faster, cheaper, more accurate, and more useful technological tools than the compliance professional has ever had at her/his disposal…” said Anthony Dell, compliance futurist and senior compliance officer in the financial services industry.

Contexture is offering the self-service Billwatch policy monitoring service as a highly affordable, content rich and curated legislative service, that clearly differentiates itself from the traditional expensive and cumbersome information services of the large media and news aggregators. Customers using Billwatch no longer need to develop complex and unmanageable pages long statements of key words and synonyms to find what they need. Using a contextual search engine, proprietary tools and industry lexicons, Contexture customers simply select the industry dictionary and key concepts and terms and the proprietary Recommendation Engine immediately provides meaningful and highly relevant suggestions of bills and policy papers that meet their specific interests. Customer interaction with the recommendations and selecting key documents for monitoring informs the machine learning algorithms built into the Recommendation Engine to continue to improve it’s performance over time. Download the PDF

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