Maximize Engagement with Subscribers without Losing the Human Touch

There’s a lot of discussion around the use of AI to automate every task humanly possible, and dystopian visions of massive unemployment as the robots take over is spreading through the ether.  The facts are that “there is no true silver bullet” and understanding and using technology to enable better results and experiences is critical but the human element is equally critical.

In this article from Marketing Tech News – Tim Stone explores the expectations and needs of customers around a more personalized and anticipatory experience with brands, but emphasizes that balancing the use of technology and analysis to inform decision and action is key–

“Adapting content, automating audience segment creation, fine-tuning communication time and channel at scale and finally ensuring that each consumer perceives a brand’s communications as relevant and interesting holds the key to keeping customers on side when it comes to AI.”

At Contexture we’ve talked with many clients who wanted to realize the benefits of using AI to create personalized content but felt they didn’t have the proper tools, experience or infrastructure in place to support it.  

Are you curious about how AI can impact your organization and content engagement?

Our solutions  help you:

  • Achieve stronger subscriber engagement and retention rates
  • Discover deeper news and media insights – including your on your competitors
  • Understand and measure your brand visibility
  • Engage with your readers across multiple content channels

Take a step forward and find out for yourself how simple it is to get started with a demo of our Mediawatch solution.  It’s easier than you think!

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