Content Monitoring for the 21st Century: Mediawatch

Read any good news lately? This is a close cousin of the question, “Read any good books lately?”, which people have been asking for centuries, often igniting discussion about thrillers, classics, biographies, and other great literature. As the famous Frank Zappa concluded, “So many books, so little time.”

That statement rings true, no matter what the reading material. Mainstream media, blogs, emails, articles, and any other form of other media are no doubt things you need to read that pertain to your business and expertise. But, how can you be sure that you’re receiving all the relevant materials? Are you getting all the information you need to stay at the forefront of your industry?

Changing Times

The content market continues to reinvent itself as undergoes tectonic shifts resulting from social media and new technology. Digital content is being produced and dispersed across the globe at rapid speeds.

This exploding content growth makes analyzing and comprehending all of the available information impossible. Simple keyword and phrase searches are no longer sophisticated enough in today’s data world. 

The challenge for executives to understand what’s happening in the market and their industry in real-time is more important, and more complex, today than ever before.

Enter Stage Left: Media Watch

Drum roll, please… Allow us to introduce our newest product: Media WatchSM. Media Watch is a media monitoring, virtual news clipping and communication solution for professionals who need to know what’s happening in their organization’s news and media landscape. Using cutting edge technology, we can now leverage machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and resulting personalization tools to deliver specific digital news, media, and event content from anywhere on the web.

After you complete an initial proprietary user profile, Media Watch delivers the content you need and may never have known existed, allowing you to be better-informed every day.  The easy component integration allows the fluid communication of content results directly to stakeholders across the web, mobile, and RSS implementation.

Get Targeted Recommendations

Discover valuable information with our Recommendation Engine. Media Watch allows you to steer information relevant to your organization’s goals and deliver it in a form your organization can access immediately.

The Recommendation Engine will continually “discover” your areas of interest, by actively monitoring and analyzing your interactions with content, tracking the key issues and content you focus on.

That rich intelligence is used to best understand what information is critically important for the stakeholders, and further streamline the content that’s delivered.

Tailored Need-to-Know Info Right to You

Receive critical content at the right time with our virtual publishing capability. This feature goes beyond simplified Google Alerts. You receive push notifications of content-rich newsletters, RSS feeds, and any other valuable information that matches your profile.

You’ll receive content that is critical for you to know, and you can view it wherever and whenever you wish – on your phone, tablet or desktop. It’s a technology that serves you, your professional interests, and your busy schedule.

Drive Value and Engagement

The critical value in Media Watch is in supercharging your organization’s content strategy, through custom media monitoring and applying AI technology to bring you content that matters. By increasing engagement, your organization can increase insight that leads to action.

Good Books are Hard to Find

In today’s market, news and media changes at the speed of light. This exploding content growth makes analyzing and comprehending all of the available information impossible. Simple keyword and phrase searches are no longer sophisticated enough in today’s data world. 

At Contexture, we’re continually stretching the boundaries and leveraging technology to keep you ahead of the competition. Media Watch provides extreme visibility, streamlining access to useful, usable, and essential content to inform your every day.

Cue our anthem – so much news, so little time. Supercharge your content strategy today.

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